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How to consult with Dr Ankita for skin/ hair


1. Skin problems: Acne , melasma , pigmentation, skin infections , allergy, rash , oily skin , skin improvement, anti-ageing .

2. Hair problems : Dandruff, Hairfall , dry frizzy hair , hair improvement, scalp infections.

3. Genital problems : Vaginal / genital infections, recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, genital allergies.

4. Skin regime curation : finding right products for your skin type and your skin goals .


1. First time consultations : For an in depth analysis of your skin/ hair/genital concerns & custom curation of your skin routine recommendations, Book a 30 minute paid audio consultation call / or a WhatsApp call directly with me . This includes everything from prescription, precautions, dietary changes and what to include & avoid in your skin care.( Send us a MAIL on for more details OR WhatsApp on 9817632890 ) charges are 2100 INR (60 USD ) for a 30 minute consultation and 4 weeks WhatsApp support . Time slots are flexible and mutually decided. Payments through bank transfer.

2. Follow up consultations: Had a detailed call previously and looking at follow up ? You can opt for a full 30 minutes call to discuss at length. Or a shorter duration follow up call for any of the above consultations. Charges are 1500 INR ( 30 USD) for 30 minutes and 750 INR (15 USD) for 15 minutes audio call / WhatsApp chat/mail consultation. Drop a mail at with description of your concerns / previous prescription and current pictures and concerns status and we take it from there . Payment through bank transfer.

3. Skincare/ haircare regime on mail : 1000 INR ( 15 USD) : No time for call ? Send us a mail with your clear daylight pictures and description of your concerns on mail with payment confirmation. You will be sent a personalized regime in next two working days.

4. Trauma resolution work session 90-120 minutes: 6000 INR / 180 USD. This is a session to uncover the trauma dynamics that lead or aggravate the skin problem or associated symptoms ( pls get in touch with us on WhatsApp at 9817632890 to know more on this )

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