Struggling With Dark Circles ??? Read on …..

Most of Indian women are blessed with beautiful eyes but unfortunately are plagued with under eye discoloration as well. Isn’t it an irony that we have attention worthy eyes but the under eye area just seems to kill the whole aesthetics of eyes.  DARK CIRCLES: WHAT lies beneath? Under eye discoloration or Dark Circles (DC)… Continue reading Struggling With Dark Circles ??? Read on …..


How to consult with me ?

  CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE FOR FOLLOWING INDICATIONS 1. Skin problems: Acne , Pigmentation, Glow for dull skin, skin infections , allergy, skin texture improvement, anti-ageing . 2. Hair problems : Dandruff, Hairfall , dry frizzy hair, scalp infections. 3. Genital problems : Vaginal / genital infections, recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, genital allergies. 4. Skin regime curation… Continue reading How to consult with me ?