Meet the Expert


Skincare is not rocket science, but it is a science nevertheless we believe. And even though jargons like “Beauty is not skin deep” continue to be said and heard we all do know that “GOOD SKIN MAKES ONE FEEL GOOD AND JOYOUS.”
What suits my skin won’t necessarily suit someone else’s skin even if we both happen to be oily skinned. Because our skins are not just oily or dry or combination for that matter; our skins are more than that, and there are so many attributes to be taken care of when choosing your daily cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen or makeup. Your skin is a dynamic organ, and it needs a lot of attention, genuine care.

Every skin concern is manageable with right skincare, be it acne, pigmentation, patchiness, dull skin or rough skin. All that you need to know is what your skin needs. And for that, a  qualified dermatologist is a better resource than any beauty blog or Instagram celebrity.

I, Dr Ankita, drawing upon my vast knowledge and experience in field of dermatology, wish to make skincare simple and understandable  for everyone who loves their skin and wishes their skin would love them back too.



Dr Ankita Sangwan Ahlawat

MD Dermatology